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    Travis Tai

    Hi Dick Lim Yew Teck,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. Definitely understand your desire to have all your accounting affairs done on a single platform. With that said, our team is currently busy with several other projects that will benefit the greater community such as customisable sales and purchase documents as well as integrating with other third party software.

    As such, this will not be a priority for the time being but we'll definitely keep your suggestion in mind and if this does get more upvotes from the community, we'll be able to push this request up our priority list. 

    Travis Tai - Community Manager

  • Hisham Mohamad

    Dear Dick Lim Yew Teck,

    I hear you and I already put this to our To-Do list under "Internal Tools" which will help User run their business easier.

    For clarification, does all of your PO coming from client requires you to create internal SO?

    I am just thinking about the best way to implement this:

    1. To add another step after PO, which is Internal SO or

    2. Just simply have a button from incoming PO so User can decide which PO need SO or not

    Really enjoy reading your constructive comments, keep them coming.


    - Hisham M. -

  • Dick Lim Yew Teck

    Hi Hisham,

    Here's my answer to your question:

    does all of your PO coming from client requires you to create internal SO?

    Yes, all our incoming PO from clients require a SO in order for our production team to keep track what's left to be delivered.

    I believe the best way could be option 1, to have an internal SO function where we could track what's the status of that particular product and etc.

  • Hisham Mohamad

    Hi Dick Lim Yew Teck,

    Would this solution solve your problem? I have another request for the ability to send B.C.C email to internal team member when system send email to Client. 

    I think this would solve your problem as you can put the Production Team as the BCC.

    Let me know what you think about this because I am trying to avoid creating too many functions that will make Financio too complicated and slow.



    - Product Manager -

  • Dick Lim Yew Teck

    Hi Hisham,

    This sounds like a good alternative too but I almost never use the eTransaction feature (I suppose this is what you mean by 'system send email to Client').


    Can I still BCC my production team even when I have the eTransaction feature unchecked?

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