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    Travis Tai

    Hi Hee Wei Loong,

    Thank you for taking the time to share with us your feedback and suggestion. Also received a copy through our support ticket. Will definitely work with our development team to see the feasibility of this request. 

    In the meantime, a workaround you may consider to ease filtering through your General Ledger Details is to have it exported in Excel format and split the values using the delimited function in excel. I've recorded a demo which you may refer to here.


    1. Export General Ledger Details as Excel
    2. Insert column between Amount and Balance
    3. Remove top 3 rows and bottom row containing the generated time and date
    4. Select the Amount column > Go to Data tab > Select text to columns
    5. Choose delimited and select next
    6. Choose Others and in the field, input "-" and select next
    7. Select Finish and if prompted "There's already data here", simply hit ok.
    8. Relabel amount as debit and your new column as credit.

    You may also use this to filter through your debtors statement. You may use a pdf to excel converter to have it converted first. Hopefully this suggestion will be of help for the time being!

    PS: We'll also help you look into filtering of debtors statement by period/date or at least have an excel format option.

    Travis Tai - Community Manager

  • Hee Wei Loong

    Dear Travis Tai,

    Thank you for the nice suggestion & tutorial. 

    Will looking forward for the feasibility of this request.


    Once again , thank you for helping!!


    Jason Hee

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