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    Travis Tai

    Hi Gauthier Provost,

    Definitely understand your concerns and we've received your feature request ticket - 

    We definitely acknowledge the need for a secure space for sensitive data and therefore have partnered with Microsoft Azure. As for account security, your suggestion on exploring third-party solutions like Google Authenticator is well received by the team. Nevertheless, the team will require some time to consider the implications and implementation process of a 2-step verification feature. 

    Thank you very much for your feedback and kind understanding.

    Travis Tai - Community Manager

  • Gauthier Provost

    I'm requesting 2-step verification, this is not the kind of feature you put up for vote. I'm surprise that you expect people to store private and sensitive information about their company in your cloud without even providing a secure authentication mechanism. For me it's a big red flag.

  • Hisham Mohamad

    Hi Gauthier Provost,

    I am the Product Manager for Financio who decide priority for which feature/function get built.

    Totally understand your concern regarding the need for "2-step verification", I already record that into our to-do list.

    However, we also need to prioritize our resources based on more urgent and more requested features from all other Financio users.

    I really appreciate your input.


    - Hisham M. -

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