How to add expenses paid personally (to be claimed)?




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    Benjamin George

    Hi Kai Chew,

    That's a great question! There are 2 ways about this. 

    Method 1: 

    The simpler way would be to have it entered only when the claims are paid for. In that case you may perform the following.

    You may leave an Internal Note for future reference that this amount is paid to staff.


    Method 2:

    Assuming that the claims are being made before the payment cycle and you'd like to have it recorded. You may perform the following: 

    The claimed amount will temporarily be recorded under Staff Claims in your current liabilities account. You'll proceed to debit your Office Supplies / Office Equipment category to indicate that you've received the item.

    Once the claims are being made, go ahead and perform the following: 

    This will effectively write off the outstanding claims amount owed to staff. 

    Let me know if this works for you :)


    Travis Tai - Community Manager

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  • Kai Chew

    Hi Travis,

    Thanks for that! I will go for Method 1 for its simplicity. :-) 

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