Request To enable description of transactions in GL



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    Benjamin George

    Hi Ahmad Rosidi Bin Hitam,

    We're pleased to inform you that we've finally rolled out an update that allows you to add memos to all your transactions which can be reviewed in your general ledger detail report. Do give it a go and let us know how it works out for you :)


    Travis Tai

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  • Hisham Mohamad

    Assalamualaikum En Ahmad Rosidi,

    Hisham here, Financio's Product Manager.

    I think you're request is valid and would have great benefit for other user too.

    We will implement it soon, here is the ticket number and details: 

    Ticket No: FIN-1077
    Request Tittle: Request To enable description of transactions in General Ledger
    Request Details: AS Financio User, I WANT TO enable description of transactions in General Ledger, SO I have ease of reference.

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  • Eileen Chua

    Hi Hisham,

    I have the same request. Will this be implemented soon? 

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  • Faith Lee

    Hi Ahmad Rosidi Bin Hitam 

    Our apologies for the slow progress on this request. We are in the midst of gathering requirements for this function, it would be very helpful if you can elaborate on the purpose of this request and how would you prefer it to be done.

    Thanks, and have a great day ahead.


    Benjamin George | Community  

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  • caseyltl29

    The memo field is not sufficient especially if there are multiple lines and each line has their own respective description.

    Hope your development team could enhance the report soon....

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