How to use inventory feature for raw materials and finish goods?



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    Benjamin George

    Hi Ahmad Taufiq El Azzam,

    The most common practice is to have labour cost recorded separately as the total amount paid out to employees at the end of every month. If you have an existing payroll software, you can record total amount in a sub-category under Cost of Sales through our Deposit feature.

    If you do not have an existing payroll software, you may input your employees detail into Financio and record their individual salaries whenever you payout. Once again, you will create a sub-category under Cost of Sales to account for the labour cost.

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  • Ahmad Taufiq El Azzam

    Hi Travis Tai, is there a way to add the cost price (for finished products, eg J-004 Billie Jean Custom) to include other cost such as labour cost etc. 

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