Introduction to inventory tracking




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    Ahmad Taufiq El Azzam

    Is there a link of article to track or the movement of inventory when sales occured?

    What about if I have inventories of raw materials and finished goods?

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    Travis Tai

    Hi Ahmad Taufiq El Azzam,

    Thank you for yet another great question. I've created a separate post in our community forum to address this question. Click Here

    Travis Tai | Community Manager

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    Mean Keat

    Hi, is it possible to add "Expiry date" for Inventory tracking ?

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    Faith Lee

    Hi Meat Keat,

    At the moment it is not possible to add an expiry date. Probably we can consider this for future improvements. We'de love to keep track of all our users request, Kindly leave us your comment at the Feature Request page. Click Here 

    Also, what are your favorite features on Financio? Why not start a Forum to discuss it. 



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